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Taller de Consciencia Corporal, Nilssen, 30/03

Taller de Consciencia Corporal, Nilssen, 30/03

El próximo día 30 de marzo de 2022, el Conservatorio Superior de Música de Aragón retransmitirá un Taller de Consciencia Corporal a cargo de Tina Margareta Nilssen. El horario será de 19:00 a 21:00.

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Timani – move better to play better

Timani is designed to help musicians understand and overcome challenges related to pain, injury, technical issues, sound production or even just to enhance once playing to access higher potential as a musician. By focusing on the physiological aspects of playing, it enables musicians to make the best use of their body while practicing and performing. It is used by musicians worldwide – from soloists to entire ensembles, and from students to established professionals – whether they have already experienced performance-related pain or injury or want to prevent them arising in the first place. Timani is also becoming increasingly popular in schools and colleges, taught by an ever-increasing network of teachers in fifteen countries who are inspired to pass on its benefits to musicians everywhere. In a Timani workshop you will learn how to use knowledge of anatomy and the use of your muscles related to playing your instrument or singing. Tina Margareta Nilssen Tina is a pianist and the founder of the Musicians’ Health and Movement Institute (MHMI). She is the author of «Unleashing the potential of the musician’s body» and the creator of the movement system Timani, which develops a deep understanding of the body to support musical technique and performance. Since 2007 she has taught Timani to thousands of musicians from all over the world, everything from orchestras like the Mahler Chamber Orchestra, the Arctic Symphony Orchestra and The Royal Swedish Opera Orchestra, chamber music groups, students at universities and soloists such as Leif Ove Andsnes.
Tina’s background in anatomy and movement comes amongst other from her studies as a Muscle Therapist, Personal trainer, Kinetic Control Movement Therapist and twice a certified yoga teacher. As a pianist, she holds a MA from the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo and has performed solo and duet recitals in many European countries and the US. She has released four critically acclaimed CDs both solo and with the Dena Piano Duo, and has received several grants and awards, including the two-year Norwegian artists’ working grant from the Norwegian Arts Council, Jansons Fund, RWE-Dea, and the Norwegian Fund for Performing Artists.

Tina Margareta Nilssen