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Trombone Choir

The Trombone Choir of the Conservatory of Music of Aragon was born as an educative project out of the trombone classroom, whose professors are Daniel Perpiñán and Eusebio Sáez.


From its creation in 2012, the group has given many concerts, both inside and outside the CSMA. One of the regular venues for the ensemble is the Eduardo del Pueyo Hall (Zaragoza). The group’s long trajectory has led it to perform in places such as The Bilbao Conservatory, invited by the Spanish Trombonist Association (ATE), the Library of Aragon (Zaragoza), the Larrés Castle (Sabiñánigo), the Quart de Poblet Hall (Valencia), Amposta’s Music Association (Tarragona) or the Caudete Music Festival (Albacete).


As a special event, we want to name the invitation received to perform in a concert taking place within the International Trombone Festival 2015, which was held in Valencia. In December of that same year, the group played in the Concert Hall of Saarbücken’s University of Music Saar, in a joint project involving students from both academic centres.


In April 2016, the Trombone Choir played with Jörgen van Rijen and Brandt Attema in a concert open to the whole CSMA community. In December 2016, the CSMA Trombone Classroom hosted the 8th Meeting of the Spanish Trombonist Association, and our choir was in charge of giving the opening concert of the event.


In October 2018, the Trombone Choir performed in the Concert Hall of the Conservatory of Music of Granada, invited by the Spanish Trombonist Association. It is also worth noting the invitation received by Professor Jonas Bylund for the CSMA Trombone Choir to perform in Hannover (Germany), in November 2018, jointly with the Trombone Classroom of that same city.


The CSMA Trombone Choir is very committed to the promotion of music written for this kind of group. To that effect, they have premièred new compositions and arrangements specially created for the ensemble.


The group carries out an intense musical activity and has weekly rehearsals, which has helped the students trained at the CSMA to successfully continue with their professional activity within and beyond Spanish borderss.


The CSMA Trombone Choir is conducted by Daniel Perpiñán.