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  • El próximo día 27 de octubre, el CSMA acogerá unas Clases Magistrales de percusión a cargo de Philippe Spiesser. Se realizarán en las aulas de...

  • FUNDACIÓN MUSICAL YAMAHA DE EUROPA PROGRAMA DE BECAS PARA EL PERÍODO 2021/2022 Durante el período 2021/2022, serán otorgadas un total de 44 becas en 31...

  • Los próximos días 23, 24 y 25 de noviembre, el CSMA acogerá unas Clases Magistrales de violín a cargo de Shirly Laub. Se realizarán en...

  • PRUEBAS DE ADMISIÓN 2021 de la JONDE. Joven Orquesta Nacional de España La Joven Orquesta Nacional de España, (en lo sucesivo JONDE) convoca pruebas de selección...


The Conservatory of Music of Aragon (CSMA) is a young and dynamic centre of studies that has gained a reputation as one of the better renowned musical higher education institutions.


The CSMA is a public centre, dependant on the Department for Education, Culture, and Sport of the Government of Aragon. Our institutions are committed to turning our teaching into an integrating axis and promoter of artistic and cultural quality. Our courses guarantee all our students the acquisition of the professional skills required for their entry to the most demanding labour market.


Many of our former alumni are now members of outstanding national and international orchestras, and also many of the currently leading Spanish composers or conductors have studied in our school. With over 300 students of every instrumental specialty, and of Composition and Conducting, the CSMA is a dynamic, modern, creative and innovative centre, with more than one hundred teachers who are first-class professionals from all musical disciplines.

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